Patriotism on the Front Range

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Make Adams County Great Again

Make Colorado Great Again

More than ever, we need your voice, your participation and your support to help us restore the American Dream. It’s time to take back America from the radical left who want to destroy our rights, our freedom of speech and our very way of life.

All it takes is one conversation to awaken people to the misinformation that is spread daily by the mainstream media as well as in our schools, universities, workplaces… virtually everywhere.

It’s time to make your voices heard. Given Colorado’s current political landscape, 2020 elections are crucial to our community, county, state and country. 

We have great prospects in 2020 to:

  • Regain leadership at the District Attorney and Adams County Commissioner levels
  • Elect Republicans to the Colorado House and Senate seats in Washington, DC
  • Re-elect President Trump
  • Celebrate ACRW’s 50th anniversary 
  • And more!

Take Action! Volunteer or Contribute!

However, we can’t do it without you!  If you can walk, talk, write or drive, we need your help! Join us at our next monthly meeting or visit our Contact Us page.

We need your support and participation to WinRed in 2020!